HeroesCon 2016

HeroesCon 2016

Hi! My name is Kurt Michael Russell. I've been working as a professional comic book colorist (color artist) since 2011, and I've been teaching coloring online since 2014.

My credits include the critically acclaimed series GLITTERBOMB, POSTAL #13-25, HACK/SLASH: SON OF SAMHAIN, HACK/SLASH: RESURRECTION, JUDGE DREDD, the Eisner and Harvey-nominated IN THE DARK: A HORROR ANTHOLOGY, and many other independent and small press projects. Full list available here

I launched my first comprehensive online comic book coloring course in May 2014. As of this writing, students in 157 countries have enrolled in my courses on my site and various marketplaces. Who knew there were so many people interested in coloring?! :)

I live in Long Beach, Mississippi, with my wife of nineteen years, Tina. We have two cats. One is a jerk.



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