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I’ve been making coloring tutorials on YouTube since 2013.


Weekly (at least) live streams. Watch me work in real time, ask questions, hang out, or lurk quietly… :) It’s a lot of fun! Click here to check it out.


Try a selection of my courses on Skillshare! Get two months free with this link.

Courses include:

  • Comic-style Light & Shadow Made Easy

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art with Procreate for iPad

  • Digital Painting with Procreate | Grayscale to Color

  • Symmetry & shape drawing with Procreate

  • Let’s Color a Goblin! (Full coloring exercise)

Join thousands of students in these comprehensive, step-by-step, real-time lessons. Video tutorials are downloadable as well as streaming. Pay once. Does not expire!

Courses include:

  • Coloring Comics with Photoshop

    • Core Concepts

    • Masterclass

  • Beginner & Advanced Guides to Digital Art with Procreate

  • Grayscale to Color with Procreate

  • Color Theory for Digital Artists

  • Comic-style Light & Shadow Made Easy

  • And more!


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  • Download over 40 (and growing) of my actual layered PSD files.

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