Coloring Comics with Photoshop course: REVIEWS!

My online comic coloring course Coloring Comics with Photoshop has been online about six weeks now. The feedback so far has been great! I'll be adding some new videos to it soon (at no additional cost.) Check out some of the early reviews straight from some of my first students: 

  • Coloring as advertised

If you are looking for instruction on coloring comics, this is the course. Different techniques are discussed in depth and real world examples are given. Photoshop is the program used, but the techniques can be employed easily on other platforms, such as Painter or Manga Studio.

The course also has external links to other sources, such as more detailed videos on lighting, resources for practice, and where to find work as a colorist.

The lectures are very useful and informative. I plan to continue to reference them as I build my skills as a colorist.

If coloring comics is something you would like to do as a hobby or a profession, check out this course. - Jack J. 

  • Clear Instruction priceless Presets

The instruction on these videos is great. Everything is explained clearly and demoed in real time. There is also downloads that go along with every lecture with things such as line art to color and pages to work on, but the one thing that has helped me out the most is the downloadable tool presets and the setup lesson for photoshop. I've been trying my hand at coloring for about 6 months and have been watching countless videos on Youtube trying to learn everything I can, but in the first 15 min of coloring after setting my photoshop up with the presets from this course everything finally made so much sense. I highly recommend this course - Andrew P.

  • Excellent course, it will make you better

This course was extremely helpful and informative. To anyone looking to improve their artwork in Photoshop (or a similar program) Give this course a try! - J. Christopher

  • Secrets of professional comic rendering finally revealed.

No fluff, to the point. It teaches different rendering styles you see everyday in professional comics. I'm self taught photoshop artist and I guessed and had clues how to color comics. However is way different watching an experienced artist working and explaining his techniques. The course is very complete but not boring. - Erick S. 

  • Great course!

Loved the course! I learned a bit about this in my years of college but this was so much more in-depth. Truly what I was looking for :)

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for additional udemy courses by this instructor if he decides to make more, he's very well-spoken and I can tell he's got a lot more valuable information that's worth sharing :)! - Joel F. 

So if you've enjoyed my tutorials on YouTube, or you've just stumbled in here and want to learn more about coloring, check out the course here:

For more updated reviews, check out my more recent post here:

Talk soon!
K Michael Russell