Coloring course feedback!

Eduardo is a student taking my coloring course. He shared this story with me, and it put a big grin on my face! I'm sharing on the blog here with his permission. 

"I studied art when I was 12 years old back then in the days.

I learned to use real brushes like acrylic, watercolors oil, ink even some sculpting you name it. But for things of the destiny a moved out of my country and I stop practicing you know I got married raise kids and so on. Then at almost 50 my kids having their own life, I decided to retake my artistic side of me, and then I found almost everything is made in computer with different programs but still even thou it is challenging  I wanted to learn this new way of making art, so I was looking for some one could teach me some coloring comic style.

looking on you tube some videos could give you some idea but there was something missing so that's when after so much research I found your website, after looking at your credentials

I gave you a chance and let me tell you, I'm really thankful of my decision because this is what I wanted, the way you're taking it step by step has taught me a lot. I really advise everybody to get your course, haven't gone through all of this but It is amazing.  Thank you"