Re: credits (originally posted by Tamra Bonvillain)

This was originally tweeted by @tbonvillain

"What's up with the lack of credit for colorists/letterers/what have you in solicitations/previews/reviews?

Look, lots of people do it. I'm not trying to blame anyone in particular, but if you're using someone's work to promote a book, credit them.

If you have the credits page, what's your excuse, reviewers and comic book sellers? All creators' names should be there.

On previews or solicits, I can't put too much blame on people that run them, as they're not always given complete information.

Why weren't these sites given this information, though. If you know who's on the team, why withhold their names?

I see previews run all the time using fully colored and lettered artwork, but the only ones credited are the writer(s) and whoever drew it.

Salt in the wound: the person drawing a book gets credited as the "artist." Unless they did it all, they're AN artist, not THE artist.

Considering how confusing credit listings can be at times, it implies that whoever drew it is responsible for every step of its creation.

(CA) is used for cover art, but did you know color also begins with a c? It's true! Lots of people think this person did the color art.

Now, maybe you think all this sounds bitter or angry, and uh... sure? People knowing your name is pretty important as a freelancer.

Conversely, the creative/editorial team on Rat Queens has been great, making me feel more like a part of a team than a cog in a machine.

Not only that, but I was prominently featured in press material when Tess and I took over, and it gave me a nice bump in profile.

So, what? This is an ego thing? As a creator, sure, I want to be recognized for the work I put in, but it's more than that.

Name recognition translate into job opportunities, and the quality of the jobs offered. If no one knows who you are, you don't get work.

And don't try to make me feel bad for wanting people to know I worked on a thing I'm proud of, person-who-wants-the-same-thing.

I try my best to credit people when I promote, and tag people when they're forgotten in as non-abrasive a way as I can.

It's not meant as an attack. We all make mistakes, myself included. Let's all try to show our collaborators some more respect. smile emoticon"

Well put!