ANNOUNCEMENT: New course launch!

I'm happy to announce the launch of a new coloring course at which now includes TWO courses - 100+ tutorials & 20 hours of total content! The new course's perks include a live monthly class & a private Facebook group.

Here's the full curriculum: 

Course 1 - Core Concepts

(The original course)

Getting Started


Course outline

Tools of the Trade

What is a colorist?

Installing Photoshop presets

Manual tool settings

Downloadable resources

Photoshop add-ons

Line Art Preparation

Sample pages

How to set up line art

Cleaning up line art

Set up your layers

Photoshop tools

Introduction to tools

Keyboard shortcuts

My custom shortcuts

Using the Lasso Tool

Using the Bucket Tool

Using the Magic Wand

Using the Brush & Pencil

Using the Gradient Tool

Color Theory

Introduction to color theory

Hue, saturation, & value

Warm & cool colors

Using complementary schemes

Analogous & monochromatic schemes

When red is not red!

Avoiding muddy colors


How to flat properly



Storytelling examples

Working with planes

Using separations and panel layers

Checking your values

Level of detail

Rendering styles

The “Layer via copy” trick

Lighting angles

Cut & grad




Coloring walkthrough

Coloring techniques

How to change the color of the line art

Using brush modes

Creating special effects

How surfaces impact lighting

Multiple light sources

Shifting scene colors

Using layer masks

Using adjustment layers

Using textures

Final prep

Preparing pages for print (CMYK conversion)

Batch processing

Preparing pages for use online

Project organization tips

The business of coloring

Building your portfolio

Finding work

Tips of collaboration

How I “broke in”

Exit survey

Bonus tutorials

Real-time walkthrough

Gradient maps

Real-time walkthrough

Course 2 - Masterclass

Getting started

What you need to know before starting

About the instructor

Course tour

Resources (useful links, PS presets, pre-flatted pages)

Manual tool presets

Photoshop extensions & brushes

Double-check your settings

Monthly Q&A / Facebook group info

Layering & rendering methods

Subtractive/negative rendering

Rendering techniques

How to think in 3D

The trick to rendering hair

How to make sense of faces, part 1

How to make sense of faces, part 2

How to make skin look alive!

How to think about anatomy & study references

How to create clouds (and when not to!)

How to create great glass

Forging metals

Conjuring lightning & energy bolts

Creating glinting reflections & glares

Color concepts

Choosing the correct light and shadow colors

Methods of color blending

How to create minimal palettes that work

Why red is weird!

Color psychology


Using value & contrast as a weapon

When realism is bad!

What color should this background be?

Using multiply mode

Using overlay mode

How to match coloring styles to line art

Leveling up with adjustment layers

Using solid color layers

Cleaning up lineart (new & improved technique!)

When you should use vibrance instead of saturation

Technique demo

A powerful new rendering method

Final color correction

Coloring in RGB vs CMYK

Hardware & software

Which tablet is best?

Photoshop & alternatives

The nerdy hardware part

Industry FAQ

Bonus full-issue walkthroughs




Bonus coloring demos

GLITTERBOMB #3, page 12

POSTAL #25 cover

Check it all out at the link above or click on any of the images. :)