The Beginner's Guide to Digital Art with Procreate

I've announced everywhere else, but somehow forgot to post here! 

I recently launched my first non-coloring-only course! :) It's called The Beginner's Guide to Digital Art with Procreate! I've had a ton of requests for more Procreate content, so this will be the start of that. You can read all about it at the link. 

It's designed for anyone new to digital art or new to Procreate, so check it out if that's you! 

I'm also currently working on a color theory course as well - also for general digital art, and not just limited to comic book art. This is something that concept artists, digital painters, cartoonists, and anyone that colors that work will benefit from. It's a few months away at best, but I'll keep you posted. Be sure to follow me on whatever social media you want on the right. :)