New site launch!

Hi there! I just wanted to welcome everyone to the new site It's so much easier to say than!

This is something I've been wanting to do for a while. I've been spread out all over the web but didn't really have a central repository like I wanted. I had a credits page at Tumblr, a gallery over at dA, videos on YouTube, and bloggish posts at Facebook. I'll still maintain those pages, but now it will all be in one place as well. 

So it's 2014, what's going on?  I'm coloring a story called "The Body" for the In The Dark anthology created by Rachel Deering (Creepy, Diablo III, Anthema). It's written by Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Revival, The Occultist) and drawn by Stephen Green (Hellboy, Dr. Who, October Girl). 

I've got a few more pages of Murder Culture to finish for the Imaginary Drugs anthology created by Michael McDermott (FUBAR). It's Jonathan Brandon Sawyer (FUBAR, In The Dark) on pencils there. I'm predicting he "goes pro" in 2014. You heard it here first. I just finished a pinup with Valentin Ramos Menendez (D4ve, The Blackstone Chronicles) for that book as well. Check it out here. There's one more story for ID that hasn't been announced yet. 

Teddy and the Yeti #5 is floating around with writer Jeff McClelland (FUBAR, The Tick, Hawken, Sasquatch) and Duane Redhead (The Tick, 2000AD, Sasquatch). They're busy with a The Tick Free Comic Book Day comic!

Liberator Vol 1 TPB, created by Matt Miner, was just made available for pre-order in Previews (JAN 140975). I did a four-pager with story and art by Tim Seeley. 

I think that's it! I'll update again soon, and I'll show whatever art I can.