Jim Zub blogs about Coloring Comics with Photoshop

Jim Zub's blog has been a fantastic resource for me. You may know Jim from his work as a writer on Image's WAYWARD and SKULLKICKERS. He also writes FIGMENT for Marvel/Disney. He's a great artist as well. 

Image from www.jimzub.com Copyright © 2015 Zub Tales 

Image from www.jimzub.com Copyright © 2015 Zub Tales 

When I was first getting back into comics, I think I read almost every post he had on his website. It's just full of great articles and tutorials on all sorts of things comic-related. So I was really happy to learn that today that he posted about my coloring course, Coloring Comics with Photoshop, and added it to his list of comic-making resources.

"I wish I had something as clearly laid out and well organized as this course when I started digitally coloring my work. Needless to say, I recommend it for people who want to produce pro quality comic coloring."  - Jim Zub

Check out the full blog post on it here: http://www.jimzub.com/how-to-color-for-comics/

So thanks to Jim for the kind words! You can also find him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/JimZub