A Very Different Coloring Method (than mine anyway)

Colorist Tamra Bonvillain is a friend of mine, and she has a VERY different method of coloring than I do. I thought it was pretty interesting, so I thought I'd do a video to explain the basic concepts anyway. 

Tamra paints on masked "Solid Color" adjustment layers with a different layer for each color. She also does some things grouping layers and combining them with Levels adjustments layers that I do get into yet. I'm still figuring it out too. 

This method does have some advantages, and I learned a lot trying to figure it out! I won't be changing to this method or or anything, but I do think I'll be using parts of this method for certain things. It's always good to learn new tricks.

Anyway, enjoy the video!

Coloring Critiques Video #2

The first video was so popular; I'm gonna make a series! Here's the 2nd.

In this video, I use a few sample pages to show some tips and tricks for coloring comics with Photoshop. If you are interested in getting a critique on YouTube, email me here: info@comiccolor.com I usually just do this for my coloring course students, but I'll pick a handful of good examples for future coloring tutorial videos on the YouTube channel.

I'm actually a bit ahead on videos for the first time in ages... subscribe to the channel to get them all. There are three more scheduled over the next few weeks. Stay tuned! 

I also found out today both my new Image and IDW projects will likely be announced in March 2016. Fingers crossed. Big news coming soon! :) 

A flatting tutorial!

By popular request, a flatting tutorial video!  Flatters, sometimes called coloring assistants, break up all of the elements on the page into separate colors. It's sometimes called color separations. The colors themselves are irrelevant, but they make the colorist's job easier by allowing them to just select the areas with a magic wand, as opposed to re-lassoing everything when coloring.

There are many, many wrong ways for a flatter to flat pages. I'm constantly hearing from fellow colorists that have a hard time finding new flatters that know how to do it properly.

So I made this video to try to rectify that! I'm sure there's more than one correct way to do it, but this is my way, and I know it works! 

Wacom posted my video on their Tumblr!

Wacom posted my "Which Tablet Should I Buy?" video on their Tumblr! Pretty cool! Check it out below: 


Jim Zub blogs about Coloring Comics with Photoshop

Jim Zub's blog has been a fantastic resource for me. You may know Jim from his work as a writer on Image's WAYWARD and SKULLKICKERS. He also writes FIGMENT for Marvel/Disney. He's a great artist as well. 

Image from www.jimzub.com Copyright © 2015 Zub Tales 

Image from www.jimzub.com Copyright © 2015 Zub Tales 

When I was first getting back into comics, I think I read almost every post he had on his website. It's just full of great articles and tutorials on all sorts of things comic-related. So I was really happy to learn that today that he posted about my coloring course, Coloring Comics with Photoshop, and added it to his list of comic-making resources.

"I wish I had something as clearly laid out and well organized as this course when I started digitally coloring my work. Needless to say, I recommend it for people who want to produce pro quality comic coloring."  - Jim Zub

Check out the full blog post on it here: http://www.jimzub.com/how-to-color-for-comics/

So thanks to Jim for the kind words! You can also find him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/JimZub