New video up on YouTube! Critiques & tweaks.

There's a discussion section in my coloring course in which I provide feedback and critiques for anyone that requests it, and I feel like it makes me a better colorist too to have to explain myself! I have to figure out how to verbalize why something doesn't "look right." 

In this YouTube video, I go over a few samples to show how sometimes slight tweaks can really make a big different in how a page reads. I'm already getting requests to do another, so feel free to send in your sequential examples, and maybe I'll do yours in an upcoming video! 

A flatting tutorial!

By popular request, a flatting tutorial video!  Flatters, sometimes called coloring assistants, break up all of the elements on the page into separate colors. It's sometimes called color separations. The colors themselves are irrelevant, but they make the colorist's job easier by allowing them to just select the areas with a magic wand, as opposed to re-lassoing everything when coloring.

There are many, many wrong ways for a flatter to flat pages. I'm constantly hearing from fellow colorists that have a hard time finding new flatters that know how to do it properly.

So I made this video to try to rectify that! I'm sure there's more than one correct way to do it, but this is my way, and I know it works! 

YouTube Q & A

Hey people, I'm going to be putting together a Q&A video for YouTube with some frequently asked questions, but I need some more questions!

If there's a question you'd like to see answered, drop a comment here, and I'll answer it in an upcoming video very soon. You can also email me at if you like.

Also, expect a time-lapse version of the Rob Liefeld #Deadpool coloring video to drop today!

I'll be doing a new intro video for it soon, but I figured I'd go ahead and share. The all-new & improved version of my Photoshop comic coloring course is online! 

Line art by Edwin Huang. Colors by K Michael Russell. Copyright 2015.

Line art by Edwin Huang. Colors by K Michael Russell. Copyright 2015.

I took in all the feedback from my original course over the last year, and I've completely overhauled everything to create (what I think) is the ultimate guide to coloring comics in Photoshop.

Now, it's 50+ comic book coloring video tutorials, all brand-new--over 9 hours of tips, tricks, and shortcuts! By popular demand, there's also a version that you can download and take offline if you like. All the videos are also in full-HD 1080p with professionally recorded audio.

Check it out here!